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List For Baby: You Must Buy These Before The Baby Arrives

If you Little new on the way on the way, Here is the large to-do list for baby equipment you must have ready for the baby’s arrival.

The last time before the birth, you want everything ready for your baby’s arrival, and you examine your brain over and over again – have you remembered it all? Here is the complete list of all that must be ready when you come home from the delivery – and what can well wait until you have landed with the baby.

List For Baby Equipment: You Will Thank Yourself If You Have The Following Ready

Baby car seat (for when you have to drive baby home from the hospital in your car or taxi)

Changing table and changing pad (make sure it is water-repellent)

Washbasin (consider a simple, small tub instead of a head/tail dish. It is limited how often you have to wipe the baby’s face the first time)

Disposable washcloths or wet wipes

Diapers (do not buy too many until you know what size to go for)

Cloth nappies, at least 30 (you can not get too many – you still can not wash all the time)

Zinc ointment (when baby gets red butt)


Baby ointment / Vaseline (to protect the buttocks and for the thermometer, if the little one gets sick)

Cotton swabs (initially to clean the baby’s navel)

Bathtub (however, the baby should not take a bath until the umbilical stump has fallen off)

Clothes (lots of short and long-sleeved bodysuits, soft trousers, socks, tights, cotton overalls/nightgowns, hat, knit sweater, possibly fleece flight suit, and mittens. Expect baby to vomit or ‘shit through’ up to several times a day, so it is good to have a change of clothes)

Pacifiers (possibly have different types lying around so you can try your hand at it)

Baby duvet and two to three sets of bedding

Lift (incl. Mattress and sheet) or wax bag

Stroller (incl. Mattress)

Breastfeeding inserts

Breastfeeding bras (they can be difficult to buy before the milk runs out and you know how big your breasts will be. But possibly have a few lying around that your boyfriend can run over and swap if they do not fit )

Large sanitary napkins (you probably bleed a lot after the birth) [List For Baby equipment]

List For Baby
List For Baby: toys

List For Baby Equipment: You Will Need It, But There Is Time To Buy The Following When You Get Home

Baby oil (for bathing water, baby massage or to loosen scars)

Baby brush (if you brush baby’s hair/scalp regularly, you can counteract scars)

Tight comb (if baby gets scars)

Nail scissors (in the beginning you can just zero the tip of baby’s nails off when they get very long)

Unrest for the changing table

Activity blanket

Baby toys (good deals are rattles, mirrors, and stuffed animals)

Cot or cot incl. mattress (baby can easily sleep in the lift the first time)


Plaid sheets so that the baby does not pee/vomit through on the mattress. The sheet should only be under the baby’s butt.

Baby bottles [List For Baby equipment]

List For Baby
List For Baby: Clothes

List For Baby equipment: You Can Do Well Without It, But The Following Can Be Nice To Have

Bath chair (makes it easier to handle a slippery baby in the bathtub)

Baby bath towel with hood

Baby carrier (can be good for the soothing baby in, for example for father)

Breastfeeding pillow (you can also use regular pillows and duvets)

Reclining chair (then baby can ‘sit with’ at the table)

Diaper bag (a regular bag or backpack can be used for baby’s gear in the first place)

Wrap (baby duvet can also be used)

Teddy bear with melody (can calm baby)

Breast pump (you can also milk out by hand or rent a milking machine from, for example, Falck)

Sling or wrap (which you can carry your baby around in while keeping your arms free)

Sling cradle (gives baby the same feeling of tightness as in the womb and can be used inside, outside, and as a travel cot)

Night light/night light (for when you have to get up and breastfeed at night)

D-drops (must be used from the child is two weeks old and can be obtained at the pharmacy or in Matas)

Saline drops for the nose (if baby gets snotty)

Bathing water thermometer (remember that the temperature of the bathing water is important – a baby can be scalded at just 40 degrees) [List For Baby equipment]

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