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How Do You Bathe Your Baby? (10 Steps)

You just had a baby, and now your baby needs a bath, but how do you do it best? Continue to read the 10 tips to make the bath a good experience.

The bath should be a nice time between you and your baby. It’s easiest with a little bit of planning. Feel free to put the things you need ready next to the baby bath. It can be cotton pads, baby oil, diaper, towel, and scarf comb.

10 Steps To Bathe A Baby

  • Choose a good time for the bath when the baby is happy, well-rested, and full. For example, half an hour after the meal if the child can stay awake and fresh for that long.
  • Start by washing the baby’s eyes with cotton pads. Wash from the corner of the eye and towards the nose. Use a new cotton ball for each eye so as not to risk spreading any bacteria.
  • Wash gently behind the baby’s ears and baby’s face. Also wash in the fold under the chin, as dirt and any milk residues will often accumulate here.
  • Before putting the baby in the water, remove the diaper, and wash the diaper area.
  • Check the temperature of the bathing water. It should be about 37 degrees – and never above 38 degrees, it’s too hot. You can advantageously put a few drops of baby oil in the water. The oil helps to keep the baby’s skin soft, moist, and supple.
  • Hold the baby with your wrist under the baby’s back and shoulder and your hand grasping the baby’s opposite upper arm. With the other hand, hold on to the child’s legs like a pair of scissors.
  • Gently put the baby in the water, with feet first.
  • Wash the baby in all folds – preferably without soap and preferably just with the hand that you used to hold the baby’s legs with. The hand behind the child’s neck stays where it has always been, to keep the child’s head safely and securely above the water surface.
  • Pick up the baby and dry well – especially in all folds, as otherwise fungus and infection can develop!
  • Remove or prevent scars with a scalp comb if the baby is not too tired – and kiss, cuddle and talk then finally wear. It should preferably be a nice session that you feel like repeating 1-2 times every week.
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When To Bathe A Baby?

In order to keep your baby safe, a bath 2-3 days a week is necessary. But if your baby really likes a shower, a bath once a day is fine too. Shower more than this can dry out your baby’s skin.

You can keep your baby’s genitals clean between baths by using warm water and cotton wool.

Babies do not have the great need to be washed with soap. For the first few weeks, we recommend using just a few drops of baby oil in the bathwater, to prevent drying out of the skin. Later, when your child gets a little bigger and it may be dirty, it may be necessary to use a little mild soap once in a while.

Choose Baby Care Wisely

It is important that you feel comfortable with the products you use for your baby. Some baby care products are mild and do not contain perfume or other unnecessary ingredients. 

Other Tips For Bathing A Newborn

Bath time is a magical moment between you and your baby. Surely someone will knock on the door, ring the cell phone or have to attend to another situation. If so, place a towel around your baby and carry the baby in it no matter what you need. You should never leave the child alone in the tub, as an accident can easily happen.

We hope you have learned to enjoy this amazing moment with your baby. Remember that when they are a year old, you will be able to bathe the little one every day. Now that you know how to bathe a newborn, let the fun begin!

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