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Baby’s First Tooth: Tips For Your Baby’s First Teeth

For parents, it can be incredibly exciting when the child starts getting his or her first tooth. But a baby’s first tooth can hurt a lot and be annoying for the baby.

We, therefore, give you knowledge about the baby’s first tooth, and good advice on how you can help your child relieve the pain of the baby’s teeth eruption.

When Does A Baby Get Teeth?

Your baby’s teeth are formed already in the fetal stage, but only erupt when the baby is about six to seven months old. Then baby’s first tooth begins to emerge. However, some children get their first tooth earlier, while in others it takes a whole year before the first tooth erupts. Around the age of three, the baby has had all its baby teeth – ten in the upper mouth and ten in the lower mouth. It is most often the two middle front teeth that erupt first, while the baby’s rear cheek teeth most often appear last. However, the baby’s teeth can easily erupt in a different order without any significance.

Signs Of Baby’s Tooth

Just before a tooth starts to erupt, the baby’s gums turn white and feel hard. At the cheek teeth, the gums can also become a little lumpy where the tooth is heading. When the baby gets teeth, the gums can become sore, irritated, and start itching, and your baby may drool more than usual.

However, some parents do not notice that the baby is getting teeth until they can see that there is a small tooth on the way up because the baby is behaving completely normally. Some babies can become irritable when the first tooth is on its way. Some signs that the baby is getting teeth can, in addition to sore gums and irritability, be insomnia, diarrhea, and diaper rash. Some babies get a mild fever when teeth erupt, but a fever above 38 degrees is never due to the eruption of the teeth and therefore you should go to the doctor with the baby.

Relief On Your Baby’s Teeth

If your baby begins to wheeze and become irritable when his teeth are moving, you should comfort your baby a little more than you usually do. It can be quite uncomfortable for babies to have teeth – so feel free to show extra care when the baby is upset because it hurts.

The itchy and sore gums can be partially remedied with a bite ring. When the child has pain in the gums and the gums itch, many children rub their mouths with their fingers and want something to bite into. 

It can therefore be a really good idea to buy a bite ring that can relieve the baby’s sore gums. Try not to give your baby frozen teething rings, as they can be excessively cold for your baby’s gums.

While we have seen an ascent in popularity of amber teething necklaces, you should realize that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not suggest them. These necklaces pose a choking and strangulation hazard to children who wear them, and there has been no research proving the necklaces work to relieve a kids teething symptoms.

brushing the baby's first tooth
Brushing the baby’s gums

Another option to relieve the baby’s itchy and sore gums is by brushing the baby’s gums with a soft toothbrush as it can take some of the itchings off.

If none of the above works, consider buying some local anesthetic ointment or gel for your baby’s gums. The ointment or gel is applied to the gums, and can thus soothe the pain. Remember that you should never give your child painkillers if they are under two years old without your agreement with the doctor.

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4 thoughts on “Baby’s First Tooth: Tips For Your Baby’s First Teeth

  1. This is what I’ve lived for days. We’ve been in a struggle with that little pearls which in my baby’s mouth. It was an adversity but my baby overcame robustly and now she have a tooth!

    1. Thanks for your nice comment. The first tooth is usually troublesome for parents. I wish you healthy days with your baby.

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