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7 Best Christmas Activities

7 Best Christmas Activities You Can Do With Children

The day after New Year’s Eve can be tough. Children and adults are tired after a festive evening. We give you 7 good Christmas activities for how the whole family has a cozy and relaxed first on New Year’s Day.

1. Take A Long Bath | 7 Best Christmas Activities

Is there anything more delicious than having time for a nice long bath? Forward with all the bath toys, bubble bath, and possibly put on some good music, then the day is underway and the body is relaxed for the next cozy activity.

2. Make A Family Brunch | 7 Best Christmas Activities

A cozy brunch is best when you are tired and your body needs energy. There do not have to be many dishes, just there is may something that everyone likes. A smoothie, an egg on toast, and some fruit salad with Turkish yogurt is a hit with most kids and adults.

3. Go For A Walk | 7 Best Christmas Activities

Although the only thing you probably want to do is lie under the duvet, it is rarely possible with kids in the house. Instead, wrap the family in warm clothes and get outside. The fresh air will just make you enjoy the hot cocoa with marshmallows or whipped cream even more.

4. Drink Cocoa With Marshmallows And / Or Whipped Cream! | 7 Best Christmas Activities

It’s hard to find anything better than hot cocoa when you’ve earned it after a good party and a long walk. Here is one of the very best recipes for hot cocoa with marshmallows and cinnamon – yummy!

5. Watch A Family Movie | 7 Best Christmas Activities

A cozy family movie is a great way to have a quiet time with the whole family. If necessary, use Netflix or another streaming service, snap your legs up and cuddle under the duvet.

 For the little ones, we can recommend: Zootropolis, Find Nemo, and Toy Story. 

6. New Year’s Resolution | 7 Best Christmas Activities

New Year’s resolutions are a great way to teach kids how to set a goal and how to achieve it. It is also important to have a plan for what they specifically need to do if they are having difficulty fulfilling it.

Here is inspiration list for goals:

#) I have to clean up my room every day

#) I have to help set the table

#) I have to learn to swim

Goals involving the whole family could be:

#) We are not allowed to use electronics when sitting on the couch.

#) We need to find a common reading book (and read it!)

#) Kids and adults should be helped to prepare meals at least twice a week

Write down the New Year’s resolutions together and talk to your child about how you approach them.

7. Relax With Some Children’s Meditation And Children’s Yoga | 7 Best Christmas Activities

End the day with some yoga or meditation. Some apps are made for children, but that also adults can use them.

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